FAX - Forward Acting Rupture Disk

The FAX forward acting rupture disks (bursting discs) are solid metal cross-scored disk design. Designed to be used in the FAH Pre-Torque holder.
FAX Forward Acting Rupture Disk


  • Scored metal design
  • Designed for Non-fragmentation
  • Standard operating ratio of 85% of the marked rating on disk tag–may be extended to 90% of the minimum burst pressure
  • Excels in liquid, gas, or two-phase applications
  • Standard manufacturing ranges of 0%, -5%, and -10% ensures marked rating on disk tag does not exceed the MAWP of equipment
  • Minimum published pressures withstand full vacuum without vacuum support
  • Resists product build-up. The smooth concave side of the disk is exposed to the process media
  • Unique design ensures proper disk orientation into holder
  • Teflon liners are available to provide protection from corrosive media
  • 3-dimensional stainless steel tag is standard
  • ASME UD (gas service only), CE, and TUV compliance available