RAH - Pre-Torque Rupture Disk Holder

Pre-Torque Holder design for use with Reverse Acting Series Disks (RA Series). Cutting Edge Technology Allows Use with Multiple Disk Types.
RAH Holder


  • Pre-Torque Design provides pre-assembly of a rupture disk into a holder prior to field installation and the removal of the assembly from the piping system for inspection without disturbing the seal integrity of the Rupture Disk
  • One unique holder design accepts multiple disk designs
  • Disk dome is contained within inlet holder which prevents damaging the disk during installation into mating flanges
  • The locating pin allows only forward-acting type disks to be mounted into holder
  • Polyethylene cap screw covers prevents debris from building up in cap screw head
  • Standard Holder Materials are: Carbon Steel, 316SS, Hastelloy
  • Fluoropolymer coated socket head cap screws resists corroding to holder assembly and provides easy removal without special sockets
  • Flow direction arrows on disk tag and holder provide permanent visual verification that holder assembly is properly oriented in the piping system
  • Flange class and type specific guards against installing an assembly into mating flanges with a different pressure rating than the rupture disk holder
  • Positioning hole in mounting lug located in the exact position as the mating flange allows for proper alignment and can be used as an extra “hand” when installing into horizontal piping