RAX - Reverse Acting Rupture Disk

The RAX reverse acting rupture disks (bursting disc) are designs to cover the majority of high pressure rupture disk (bursting disc) applications and are designed to be used in the RAH Pre-Torque holder.
RAX Reverse Acting Rupture Disk


  • Solid metal cross-scored disk designed for Non-fragmentation
  • Standard operating ratio of 90% of the marked rating on disk tag. May be extended to 95% of the minimum burst pressure. Contact ZOOK for operating ratio on pressures below 40 psig
  • Disk designs offer high cycle life (when compared to forward-acting design disks)
  • Certified for gas service only
  • Standard manufacturing ranges of 0%, -5%, and -10% ensures marked rating on disk tag does not exceed the MAWP of equipment
  • Wide range of standard and exotic materials available
  • Resists product build-up. The smooth convex side of the disk is exposed to the process media
  • Unique alignment pin design ensures proper disk orientation into RAH holder
  • 3-dimensional stainless steel tag permanently engraved with complete disk specifications
  • ASME UD, CE and TUV Compliance available
  • TFE liners are available to provide protection from corrosive media