RT2T Type Graphite Rupture Disk

The RT2T Type Graphite Rupture Disk (bursting disc) is a replacement element design.
RT2T Graphite Rupture Disk


  • For additional corrosion resistance and wider temperature range special fluoropolymer sintered RT2T disk is an ideal solution
  • Graphite Disks are more corrosive resistant and less temperature sensitive than metal disks
  • The RT2T Disk is suitable for gas, liquid or vapour service
  • Fits into a re-usable disk holder
  • The ZOOK RT2T type Graphite Bursting Disk is equivalent to most other manufacturers replacement element type graphite disks, i.e. EHG2, G2, Series 2, E2, and in most cases will fit into their holders (Consult ZOOK first)
  • The RT2T Disk can handle an operating pressure of up to 90% of the minimum rated burst pressure of the disk
  • Standard burst tolerances are +/- 10% for 5 psig and above, and +/- ¾ psig for below 5 psig.
  • The RT2T Disk can withstand full vacuum if rated at 25 psig and above. For disks rated below 25 psig, a reverse pressure support (RPS) must be fitted into the disk holder. (Note: The RPS is a fixed type vacuum support and will reduce the free flow area of the disk on burst – Consult ZOOK)
  • The RT2T Disks will be manufactured, where applicable, in accordance to the latest pressure equipment directive (PED) 97/23/EC (Category IV) and will carry our CE Mark in compliance to EN-4126-2. Burst test certificates will be supplied with the disks. (TUV testing are also available if required)
  • Burst detection available for most applications by fitting RDI detector in place of holder outlet side gasket