URA - Reverse Acting Disk

The URA rupture disk (bursting disc) covers the majority of rupture disk (bursting disc) applications. Designed to be used in the URAI Holder


  • Single disk design covers 95% of plant requirements
  • Scoreless design offers higher cycle life when compared to scored reverse-acting disks
  • Low and high burst pressures available in a single design
  • Excels in liquid or gas applications
  • 0% manufacturing range is standard
  • Operates to 95% of the disk’s rated burst pressure
  • Non-fragmenting design
  • Withstands full vacuum without vacuum support
  • Excellent for isolating safety relief valves
  • Damage ratio of 1.0 or less
  • Resists product buildup - only the smooth convex side of the disk is exposed to the process medium
  • Additional TFE corrosion protection available (specify URA-L)
  • 3–dimensional stainless steel tag is standard
  • ASME UD marking available